Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Video: La Línea members beat and dismember Joaquin Gallegos

This video is extremely graphic and shows gang members from La Linea beat a man with a baseball bat. After the baseball bat beat down (yes it gets worse), these killers get out an axe and start dismembering his body. This video shows how violent drug cartels can be. They do things like this to get a point across. The killer had no problem picking up his body pieces and throwing them in a pile. Hey Holmes, I'll take an ankle please.

These brutal killings and crimes are all a result of a failed drug war. If any readers think the United States will eventually win the War On Drugs, feel free to comment because the war is over. 
Drugs are here. Face it. There will always be drugs. The war on drugs not only costs billions and billions of dollars every year, but look at all the brutal murders in the name of illegal drugs. See, it's very simple.

Strict Drug laws and mandatory minimums is the reason why  sometimes drug dealers go to prison longer than child molesters.This prohibition drives the price up (for the user), and increases profit potential in the market.

Now there are illegal drug cartels and gangs and they fight for control of the illegal racket. Mexico is plagued with corruption. Can't blame them I guess. People who work for 10 dollars and someone offers them 1000 dollars..
Either way you look at it, from either side of the border. The War On Drugs is in all actually a war on our own people. Thousands of innocent people murdered. 

And the usual response from the states, force it. We need more helicopters, more prisons, and the cycle continues. Drugs are here people. We should focus more on rehab and education and less on the war on drugs. War isn't always the best answer.


The video ends with a message that says, "Ministerial police who support Chaputo," and photographs of men are displayed. "For those who do not believe here is the proof Joaquin Gallegos, executed May 13, 2011 and keep supporting El Chaputo."

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