Thursday, May 17, 2012

Los Zetas Beheading several people

 Los Zetas Execution Video

Check out the latest video, of the savage los zetas drug cartel... what's next cannibalism? In this video it is very graphic and you can see some los zetas in masks and they cut off the heads of several victims.

It's kinda sick to watch.. cuz they really get it.. damn can't get that last part of the spinal cord cut so he takes his hunting knife but uses it in a chopping motion..

towards the end it shows los zetas chopping off 2 people's heads... they just jump on them and start sawing his head off, while he's alive...

Need I say more? Point proven right? This is all just another result of USA drug policy and drugs being illegal means that los zetas will continue to chop off your Fcking head bitch!

Legalize or get chopped!

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